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It’s pretty silly how grateful I am that So ILL finally made these rad shoes in my size!
14’s can be hard to come by and I’ve been asking them for quite some time but now I have them and they are every bit as comfy as they are beautiful. Thank you🤘🏽💜

Well made shoes .

Second purchase beautiful design. Great quality thank you 🌴🦋🐚🦈

I love how soft and sturdy this is!!

Love the color, lots of looks at the gym and holds my keys wallet and phone perfectly!


So comfortable. I feel more confident to climb harder

Very comfortable, only worn one time so far but didn't feel like they needed to be broken in.


Nice clippers. Do the job well.

A bit expensive but so soft.

Love the color and the velvety feel of these scrunchies.

My son loves them! This is his 2nd pair of these. He said they are the most comfortable he's ever had!! Where can I get him the matching pants like J's?

Amazing Colour & Durability

Love the Pounamu!
Even after daily use for quick tasks outside or dog walks they're still looking good and holding up!

Amazing Colour & Durability

Love the Pounamu!
They're worn almost daily when going out for quick tasks or short walks with the dog.
They're holding up great and so far show no sign of wearing down.

“Most Comfortable Ever”

First review I’ve given on underwear , but I had to because they are that comfortable . First pair has worn better than my other brands. 6+ months and second pair just arrived . It’s definitely a premium made product and has just the right amount of support so it can be worn for sports and casual. Fast shipment too. A+

Love the pink scrunchies! A++++

Best scrunchies I bought! Love it!

Love the pink Maui Tee! Very comfortable! A+++

Love the red Maui Tee! Feels so soft and comfortable! A++++

Love these shoes. Very comfortable! Will be warm in the cool and cold seasons!

William Kruthers
Old dog/New kicks

This year marks my 50th year rock climbing, age 72 and still climbing. Started when you had one choice of rock shoe, EB’s. Now you have more choices than Carter has liver pills. I’ve climbed everything from big walls to tiny boulders and worn 100’s of pairs of shoes. I can’t say enough about how much I like this shoe. By the end of my first gym session the shoes felt like they fit like a glove. While I don’t climb much harder than V5 or 5.12 these days, these shoes performed admirably. I plan on taking them out to Jtree next weekend for a workout on Right On and I’m stoked to be wearing these shoes! I have contemplated buying a second pair now so I know I’ll have them when these wear out. These shoes prove you can get an old dog to wear new kicks. So all you Gen Z’s and Alpha’s should take some advice from this old man and give these a try.

Awesome lil guy

Makes for great chalk distribution

Love it!

The beastmaker2000 is an amazing training tool. Pair it with the Grippy app for some timed training and you'll send your project next season.

Very nice fabric and texture. Well made.

Love it!!