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  • Designed with Fred Nicole and built on an all-new, hand-shaped, moderately downturned last, CATCH features a durable and comfortable, unlined, single piece (one seam) vegan microsuede upper with a performance dual elastic entry. Designed with a single piece toe rand, CATCH is tensioned from the heel to midfoot. The midsole is composed of two parts, a full length fiberboard along with a proprietary molded midsole that runs under the toe box making for a stiff slipper. The full length outsole is outfitted with high performance Vibram XS GRIP rubber for durability while including generous toe rubber coverage and is ideal for vertical outdoor climbing excelling on technical slab and microedges. This shoe is a regular volume, unisex shoe, developed for advanced/pro indoor and outdoor climbing.

  • Design: All-new, moderately downturned last, hand-shaped by Fred Nicole Volume: Regular volume
    Flexibility: Semi-stiff
    Upper: Unlined, durable + comfortable vegan microsuede
    Midsole: Proprietary molded full-length midsole + Proprietary pressed fiberboard
    Outsole: Full, single piece
    Rubber: Vibram XS GRIP // Proprietary molded toe rand and toe patch, and heel rand, composed of butyl + dry compound rubber mixture for durability and friction // Topographical-inspired toe patch + heel rand design
    Rubber Thickness: 3.5mm outsole
    Entry: Dual elastic entry with single nylon pull tab on upper + dual nylon pull tabs at heel for easy on + off
    Closure: Slipper fit
    Last: SFN1 (20° medium asymmetry)
    Color: Bog Green
    Weight: 7.4oz/210g
    Sizes: M4.5/W6 – M13/W14.5

This shoe is a unisex model. When ordering, it is recommended to size up a half size larger than your regular US street shoe size.
Sizing • M = U.S. Men's • W = U.S. Women's. View the 2024 Climbing Shoe Sizing Chart

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Customer Reviews

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William Kruthers
Old dog/New kicks

This year marks my 50th year rock climbing, age 72 and still climbing. Started when you had one choice of rock shoe, EB’s. Now you have more choices than Carter has liver pills. I’ve climbed everything from big walls to tiny boulders and worn 100’s of pairs of shoes. I can’t say enough about how much I like this shoe. By the end of my first gym session the shoes felt like they fit like a glove. While I don’t climb much harder than V5 or 5.12 these days, these shoes performed admirably. I plan on taking them out to Jtree next weekend for a workout on Right On and I’m stoked to be wearing these shoes! I have contemplated buying a second pair now so I know I’ll have them when these wear out. These shoes prove you can get an old dog to wear new kicks. So all you Gen Z’s and Alpha’s should take some advice from this old man and give these a try.

Rachel Wang
Best Shoes!!!!

I have relatively wide feet with average volume, and I purchased a pair of climbing shoes in the same size as my street shoes (feet length 24.5mm, Catch length 24.7mm). Initially, I found that this pair was on the narrow side for climbing shoes and quite difficult to slip into. However, after using them for two sessions, they became snug around my feet, providing excellent coverage and ease of slipping in. I'm happy with how they've broken in.

On the performance side, these shoes are soft enough for flexibility, enabling adaptation to angles. They also offer sufficient support for sticking to smaller edges and provide the sensitivity required to gauge the security of foot placements. Overall, I'm impressed with their performance!

Most importantly, these climbing shoes are not only functional but also quite stylish! I can't resist good-looking shoes!!!!

Awesome work!

Awesome Shoes!

Have only been climbing (bouldering) for about 4 months and thought it was time to upgrade from my Five Ten Anasazi Moccasyms. These Five Tens were my first pair of climbing shoes and were flat, basically "up"turned lol (see picture). As my first pair of climbing shoes, I didn't see any weaknesses in them (especially compared to rental shoes). Purchasing So iLL's "Catch" shoe, I could definitely notice the upgrade. The upper rubber helps with toe hooks and the heel grips pretty well for heel hooks since the rubber on the bottom of the shoe and the heel are from one continuous piece of rubber. The downturn helps a lot with small footholds and overhangs. Keep in mind, this review is my experience transitioning from the Anasazis to the Catch (I'm not an expert enough to review this shoe objectively). So far, this shoe is performing very well as I'm working on V5/6s.

In addition to performance, these shoes just look so good. I'm a fan of slippers and the design for the Catch is so sleek/aesthetic. In person, the shoes do have a slight "bog green" tint despite pictures making them seem black and white. It doesn't really bother me. Lastly, the shoes did come with a slight stain on one of the pull tabs and the toe rubber on one of the shoes looked a little dirty. I was a little annoyed at first but realized they would get dirty eventually anyways.

For sizing, my street shoe size is 9 to 9.5. For my Anasazis and Catches, I got 9.5s. From what I've seen online, people would think I'm crazy for not getting a size smaller than my street shoe size. However, mine are actually a really good fit on me. They do hurt after about 30 minutes but breaking them in will help with that.

I totally recommend this shoe!


They said the street size would do but they were way too small I’m trying to exchange them


Fred Nicole & catch

an in-depth look

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We’ve spent the last two years (and maybe a little longer) concepting, designing, and sampling with Fred Nicole – a true climbing hero and expert in the field.

Industry Defining Rubber

High performance Vibram XS GRIP climbing rubber is great for long wearing grip, good shape stability, edging, durability, and excellent performance in all around climbing conditions.


Slipper Performance

Performance dual elastic entry slipper

Generous Coverage

Toe rubber coverage for all your hooking needs while excelling on technical slab and micro edges

Premium Upper

Durable and comfortable unlined, single seam vegan microsuede upper

Continuous Outsole

Full length outsole outfitted with high performance Vibram XS Grip rubber