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Pipes Large 3

  • A set of 4 large pipes, uniquely shapes, that protrude from the wall at an angle and can be used as pinches/jugs. Includes screw-on option.
  • Hold Count: 4
    Size: Large
    Style: Slopers
    Difficulty: Easy
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 5.80 lbs

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Hardware IS included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hunter Miller
Too much fun!

Can't go wrong with these pipes! Not only are they fun to climb on but they instantly add a third dimension to the wall. I've always been a fan of this series. Stoked to finally own some!

What Dreams Are Made Of

I absolutely love love love these pipes (love pipes when first introduced at the gym). It’s a life saver for our weak climbing deprived bodies on the steep wall. It’s a pleasant change from the typical jug, and this color....This color makes me melt with affection. Can I marry this color?- because I would. This is another set (& color) I recommend ;D *chef’s kiss*

Ryan L
Pipes: My Absolute Favorite Holds

I've always loved Pipes when I've used them in gyms. I had to get some for myself. They have the most versatility out of any hold I've ever used. This set is awesome for a range of skills depending on the angle you decide to place the hold. The jugs are comfortable and fun to hang on to. My 9 year old son loves them as well.

Awesome holds!

I bought this set to fill out my home wall. Excellent quality and great texture! These holds are awesome and well worth the wait. An essential for any steep-angled home wall!

Awesome holds!

Love these holds, feel great and lots of possibilities.

Simon Margon• 360 Holds

Forerunning the Pipes

Pipes Family

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Katja Vidmar • 360 Holds

Forerunning the Pipes

Riley Long • Setter

Setting the Pipes