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Wrecktangles Large

  • Very wide protruding cubes with curved sides that make for very positive blocks on walls up to 45 degrees.
  • Hold Count: 5
    Size: Large
    Style: Pinches
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 10.29 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Erica DeFrancesco
Riggidy riggidy wrecked!!

These holds are awesome! They really pop on the backyard wall. I love that one side is super good and the other side is super slopey. I have always loved these holds but now that they are on my own wall they’re even more special. Highly recommend for overhung walls.

Ryan Yoon
Insane directionality

Was a bit worried these might feel like big pinches in every direction but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Each face is contoured in such a way that it provides a different feel whether it’s an edge, pinch, or sloper. The edges of the square face are comfortable and the shape makes even a small rotation change the feel significantly. At least one side on each is quite positive which is helpful for me as a beginner on my 22 degree wall. Very fun set to use. The bigger ones provide a surface size to pull on that most holds of this foot print can’t provide. Really think the size is perfect as well. I don’t have the mediums to compare but I’m glad I got this set.

Clarissa Gutierrez
Big holds, big fun

The set came in a group of 5 wrecktangles that ranged from large to really large. I ordered color 13-24, which was a nice teal color. They added a lot of dimensionality to our 30-degree wall, and they seem super versatile for walls of any angle. All the sides lend themselves to wide pinches, slopers, or edges (for hands or heel hooks)--whatever you prefer. Texture itself is also super nice; grippy but doesn't necessarily tear up my hands immediately.

In the photo, the specified holds are circled in green. As a size reference, our wall is 8' wide, and the photo also has pink medium wrecktangles pictured for comparison.

Definitely recommend!

Tim Quick
Simple, sleek, and awesome to climb on!

Just bolted these guys on to my home woodie! My wall is a 45 and these are a FANTASTIC addition! You can rotate them from crimpy to slopey. Big enough to match, but challenging enough to add great movement to your wall!

Big blocks, big fun!

Slab, vert, and overhangs... they work great everywhere!

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