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Wrecktangles Medium

  • Perfect, full hand-sized cubes that protrude from the wall and make for great 3D climbing on steeper terrain.
  • Hold Count: 5
    Size: Medium
    Style: Pinches
    Difficulty: Easy
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 7.15 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fun and unique holds - just like the gym

Highly recommend. Although one of the first sets of holds I bought 2 years ago was a soill multi pack from Moosejaw, my home wall home wall is mainly mainly composed of holds from Escape, Atomik, Synrock, Kilter, Element, and Teknik. I had forgotten about SoIll until I visited an indoor gym that had some super fun boulder problems set with wrecktangles. The Soill Wrecktangles routes were my favorite at the gym and I am loving them on my home wall. Price is reasonable for size of holes and they have really good versatility, as each hold and side of the rectangles is different. An added bonus is that when I adjust my wall to quite steep it is still possible to set easyish routes with this holds, yet they still can be surprisingly difficult even on a vertical wall if rotated in a favorable direction.

Parker Rhodes
Killer Holds

These holds are very versatile! Can be used for awesome pinches, slopers, ledges and side-pulls/under-clings. Set large moves for great climbing. I have them set on my 30-degree wall, and they can be easy or difficult depending on the rotation of the holds.

So happy and pleased with all of So Ill's climbing holds I have purchased. So Ill's climbing holds make my wall so much fun to climb.

Highly recommend this set, and any other set of holds So Ill has to offer.

Clarissa Gutierrez
Medium holds, big fun!

We bought these wrecktangles in medium alongside the large wrecktangles, and both sizes add a lot of fun and dimensionality to our 30-degree wall. I like these medium wrecktangles for pinches or edges to hang on; they're also easy to hold, so seem good for beginners to advanced levels. The color itself (ordered 11-26) came out a bit more of a brighter, more neon pink than I had expected (I was expecting a more berry pink), but I don't really mind the color either way.

The photo attached shows the holds circled. For size reference, our wall is 8' wide, sloped at 30-degrees from vertical.

Definitely recommend!

Austen Bommarito
Great holds!

I got the medium sized wrecked angles. Such great holds. Fit nicely in the hands, have a good texture and the design give at least 4 solid mounting options.

dimension and color

The base of the holds is about 4.25" to 6.25" wide. Please refer to the picture.
The top of the holds are quite consistent among all five, about 3".
The height of the holds is about 2" inch to 5".
My color is DG 11-25. Also in the picture, I put the holds among purple 07-13 and pink 11-26.
This set is so much fun. You can make a lot of varieties out of them.

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